News  Gold Safety Award 2021 IPEC Inspection Engineers

IPEC Inspection Ltd. are delighted to announce a Gold Safety Award for 2021.

This further reinforces IPEC’s commitment to Health & Safety for all our employees in the workplace.

The main goal of our health & safety programs is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, deaths, as well as any suffering from financial hardship these events can cause for workers and their families. Traditional safety practises are often reactive, for example problems are only addressed after a worker is injured or becomes sick, a new standard or regulation is published, or an outside inspection finds a problem that must be fixed. Our safety practices use a proactive approach to manage workplace safety and health. These practices recognise that finding and fixing hazards before they cause injury or illness is a far more effective approach.

News  Gold Safety Award 2021 IPEC Inspection Engineers


About ConstructSecure;

The ConstructSecure Safety Assessment Program reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The program normalizes data for vendor or contractor size and type of work performed. The program provides thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of company performance so clients can identify, monitor, and manage risk smarter. The results provide a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety and a reliable predictor of future performance.

Author: James Murphy, Operations Manger of IPEC Inspection Ltd.

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